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Congratulations nice melody

- AR Murugadoss

You'll become very big. Mark my words. Thank you so much. Will work together soon

- Hari Baskar

Inpsiring to see him pursue music being an IIT graduate

- GV Prakash

Very impressive background score with Thadayam Series

- Prasanna, Shortflix

Brilliant song it was #NammaChennaiDa

- Yash, Universal Music Group

My music adventure started when I was seven, when my mom, a working woman, put me in keyboard class to keep me occupied

- Surya Srini

Surya S, also known as Surya Srini, is a highly talented composer, music producer, and pianist who has completed his B.Tech at IIT Madras. With an intense passion for music, Surya is constantly honing his craft and pushing himself to new heights. His love for music began at the age of seven when his mother, a working woman, enrolled him in a keyboard class to keep him occupied.

Surya is certified by Trinity College of London for completing eight grades in Theory of Music in 2013. Since then, he has continued his learning through self-study, including reading books, watching YouTube tutorials, and taking online courses. As a member of the fusion bands "Synchro 3.0" and "Narumugai," Surya believes that there is always room for improvement during jam sessions. He is skilled in classical, Carnatic, and jazz music, and he incorporates the essence of each style into his work. One of his notable achievements is winning first place in Mood-Indigo's (Asia's Largest Cultural Fest) Duet Instrumental competition for two consecutive years (2017 & 2018).

Surya has been working on visual media projects since 2015, and his talent has led him to collaborate with bigger brands such as Shortflix, Tips Tamil, Indie A Records, and Universal Music Group India.

Let's get in touch

Life is truly an unpredictable (yet beautiful) experience, and a balance of work and study is paramount. The fact that I am able to thrive on multitasking does not mean that I devote all my time to it. A clear mind that is also hyper-aware leans strongly towards an active physical condition. Moreover, most of the ideas that occur to me are during mundane activities like my morning bath. My time is evenly distributed doing other things I enjoy too, such as driving, playing sport, spending time with my friends and family, discovering all sorts of new music, attending Carnatic Music concerts, reading books outside of music, and listening (with interest) to people's stories. I would therefore like to encourage you, my dear visitor, who would hopefully be inspired by my work, to include such activities of various kinds in their lives. Lets live a life that counts


Surya Srini

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